You might be planning to purchase a new home or renovate the existing one, it’s important to know some of the essentials that have to be there in your house. Going through a lot of articles or videos can be a hectic task hence Coppice has covered all your concerns and created this article. In this article we will cover important house areas such as the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and lobby.

Let’s dive straight into the blog to see what are these house essentials: Now it brings us to lamps, chairs, sofas, beds, tables etc.

1. Bed

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom decor, so getting it right is the most important step to creating a restful retreat. With so many options available, you’ll want to consider size, style and a few other design elements to select the perfect bed for your space.

The basic style of your bed should fit with your decorating preferences to achieve a cohesive look. Some of the most popular styles include the following:

  • 1. Canopy Beds
  • 2. Platform Beds
  • 3. Traditional Beds
  • 4. Bunk bed
  • 5. Futon
  • 6. Panel/platform bed
  • 7. Storage bed
  • 8. Sleigh bed

Next, consider what you’d like your bed to made out of:

  • 1. Wood
  • 2. Metal
  • 3. Fabric Upholstery

As you narrow down your bed selections, take the time to consider what kind of headboard you prefer. To do this, think about what you do most often in bed. If you tend to collapse into bed and fall directly to sleep after a long day, a wood or metal headboard will work well for you. You can feel free to select a headboard with slats or open grillwork, as you won’t spend much time leaning against it.

If you prefer to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, however, you may prefer an upholstered headboard. These padded options will prop you up in comfort, allowing you to feel as though you’re sitting on a soft couch. A solid wood headboard is a good alternative, as long as you invest in extra cushions to soften the back.

If you’re outfitting a small bedroom, storage beds can help you make the most of your space. These styles come with built-in drawers for extra storage space under your mattress, making it easier to live without a bulky dresser.

You’ll also want to carefully measure your room before choosing which size bed you want for a small space. Remember that Twin- and Full-size beds are several inches shorter than other mattresses and can save valuable space.

2. Sofas

Sofas are a focal point that set the tone and style of the room. Analyse the Kind Of A Sit You Require. A higher seating height in a Sofa, provides the ease of getting up, whereas a lower seating is more casual and relaxed. Therefore, before making a decision, do keep in mind who is going to be using the Sofa – are they tall, short or older people?

The width of a Sofa plays an important criteria in decision making. You’ll need to measure the available space in your lounge to decide whether it is the 3, 2, 1 seater or large sectionals that your room needs.

You can opt for following types of Sofas:


3. Tables

Where would you keep your decoratives or serve items? It’s the table. Coppice believes a house should have following kinds of tables:

COFFEE TABLES : Coffee tables are excellent for any sitting area and can also serve as an accent piece. Coffee tables are great for displaying books, holding coffee, and any other snacks for entertaining friends and family.

END TABLES : End tables are usually placed at the end of the sofa or next to an accent chair. They are great to put just a lamp, some books, display picture frames, or any home décor items.

CONSOLE TABLES: Console tables are mostly long and narrow and placed against the wall in the hallway. They are also perfect for some long narrow space to display home décor items to help bring some personality to your home.

4. Chairs

A chair is a bolstering entity which helps you and your guest relax on it. Anyone who walks into a house is first seated on a chair. You can go in for any of the chair styles below: Arm chairs: An arm chair helps a person to rest his arms and seat in a comfortable way. Arts and crafts chair: Initially used by the arts and crafts movement but used for dining purposes in today’s world.

Ball chair : Ball chairs are generally used in a formal environment and come with various features like an MP3 player and others.

Barcelona Chair : One of the classic designs among chairs is the Barcelona Chair. It is used in snobbish places in today’s day. 

Beanbags : Various apartments in India and corporate offices make use of the bean bag either in their living room or their waiting room.

Bergère chair : These are chairs which are designed to depict royalty and are designed with expensive lumber, draperies and laces.

Chaise longue : A type of a chair which is in the shape of a chair but looks like a sofa.

Deck chair : Today most of the houses, cruises, hotels and resorts contain a deck chair. They are portable and can be folded.

Folding Chair : These chairs are portable and can be folded. They can be used in your balcony, lawn or garden.

Rocking Chair : The name rocking chair denotes that the chair if shaken rocks frontwards and backwards. Rocking chairs is similar to a baby cradle.

5. Lamps

These mid-sized lamps are the most common portable light used in homes today. Based on where they’re placed, table lamps can improve activity performance or simply enhance the ambiance of a room. Modern lamps of this variety may include USB charging for small electronic devices.

  • 1. Accent lamps
  • 2. Reading lamps
  • 3. Desk lamps
  • 4. Floor lamps
  • 5. Table Lamps
  • 6. Console or shaded floor lamps
  • 7. Torchiere floor lamps
  • 8. Arc floor lamps
  • 9. Track tree floor lamps
  • 10. Wall lamps
  • 11. Swing arm wall lamps
  • 12. Accordion arm wall lamps