Whole family comes together, relishes food and makes meaningful conversations, isn’t it the best family time you can ever imagine? They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but the dining room is the place where hearts meet. You gather here for meals, holidays, and celebrations, which means this spot should look great and serve your needs year after year. To help you with this task, Coppice brings “Dining table trends that will never go out of style”. Ideas for dining room furniture, lighting, and decor that will never grow old on you or your guests.

Let’s see what are those :

1. Pedestal table : It’s a tulip shaped table which is the perfect pick for a small- to medium-size dining space. Simple lines appeal to the eye, and a slender center pole means there’s plenty of legroom underneath for diners.

2. Paneling : Picturing a classic dining room, you probably see moulding around the walls’ edges, wainscoting, a chair rail, or simple boxy panels. “These elements can inspire a rustic, traditional, or even modern feel, depending on the lines, materials, and colors used—but they all evoke timeless design,” says Drew Henry of Design Dudes.

3. Upholstered chairs : Padded seating around a dining table offers comfort to guests, so look to this type of chair when you’re considering an upgrade. Try solid colors or neutrals as they’ll blend well with the rest of your room’s palette.

4. Transitional wood chairs : Not necessary that every chair has to be a fabric one. Switching your seating with both upholstery and wooden seats adds freshness than a matched set of chairs.

5. Wooden hutch : A lot of storage is needed in the dining room for table linens, silverware, candlesticks, and serving pieces, so shop for a hutch, sideboard, or china cabinet.

6. Multicolored medallion rug : Anchor your dining room with a classic Persian rug adds colour and comfort for your feet.

7. Scenic walls : Scenic walls bring the essence of the outdoors in, and this traditional decorating staple elegantly delivers artful color and whimsy to any dining space.

8. Art sets : Adorn your walls with a landscape painting or create a cohesive design in the dining room without all the fuss of putting together a mixed and matched assortment for a gallery wall.

9. Statement chandelier : Light the way with crystal stunning chandeliers in dining rooms of all styles. It makes you feel rich eve