Living Room or Living Area is the show area of your house. It has to be regal and top notch enough to host your guests. There are many ways to style a room but you need to be cautious of basic things like placement, scale, practicality, etc. You might know it or you may not. Don’t worry! Coppice brings you “Easy tips for decorating your Living Room”. A basic guide for beginners.


We will begin with setting up the space with the sofa, placing it against the longest wall in the room. Don’t stick the sofa to the wall. Keeping a bit of a distance. Then place the coffee table, aligning it with the centre of the sofa. You can also use the side table, close enough to the sofa to easily reach and place a drink on it. Apart from the sofa, you can place any additional seating like a lounge chair, close enough for conversations. Don’t forget to use an area rug. It helps define the space. For a larger room, a bigger rug that could encompass the sofa would also work.


A panel with both plug points and switches placed on a very visible part of a wall is a common sight in living room designs. Place the switch panel at a height that’s easy to access right by the door, while the plug points can be hidden low on the wall behind the side table and next to the sofa.


Most apartments have a picture window which makes walls look small. To compensate, use floor-length curtains that begin above the window and go all the way down adding height to the room. Drapes can be of any colour or texture that suits your ambience and the walls. Usually try to play with contrast.


Decorate walls with an art frame, aligned to the centre of the sofa. The frame should be at an average eye level, not too high and not so low that a person sitting on the sofa might hit their head on it.


Choosing just the right paint color is something a lot of people struggle with, and if there’s one thing that most people do wrong, it’s choosing the paint color first. Painting is relatively easy and it’s inexpensive, so choose your more expensive home decor pieces first and then choose a color based on them.

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