A luxury home is all about detailing. Coppice is well aware of this and, therefore, realizes how important it is to be familiar with the latest trends and styles in furniture and decorative accessories. The right colours and shades, the textures, the ornaments and paintings, and the arrangement of the furniture within the space can all make the difference. However, while the aesthetic nature of the décor and luxury are incredibly important aspects, the functionality of the home in general, and of the furniture in particular, plays the pivotal role: luxurious yet also liveable.

Hence Coppice brings you “Furniture products that add luxury to your home interiors” which will tell you how to make your home luxurious easily. The approach covers essential areas of house and lists the furniture items that can glam up those areas.

1. Foyer

Foyer is a small entrance space which is disappearing in modern homes. A well-groomed foyer, decorated with the right accessories, is fundamental to the first impression that one has of a home. Hang a Canvas print or a painting, a light source such as a table lamp placed on a low table, or a long-stemmed floor lamp. And remember to maintain a degree of symmetry in a luxury foyer.

2. Living room

The living room is, by definition, the room dedicated to a family’s daily life specifically dedicated to entertaining guests. The heart of an elegant living room is made up of the classic arrangement of sofa, armchairs, and perhaps ottomans or coffee tables. Neutral shades are recommended for the texture or leather of the sofa and armchairs in situations where the dominant colour is wood or the floor is dark. The coffee table is also an important element: simple and linear, with a minimalist style or decorated and inlaid for more classic environments. The use of valuable materials in the ornamental details gives it that extra touch: leather, precious fabrics, glass, and natural stone used sparingly create polychromatic effects and plays of light that can make all the difference.

3. Space for the TV and bar

A TV cabinet in a wenge grain and with a geometric shape could be perfect. For a more classic living room, however, a more elaborate piece would be preferable. Space permitting, one can incorporate a bar, which adds a unique touch of elegance to a living room, for instance a bar cabinet with a tray of crystal glassware placed on top.

4. Dining room

Select proper lighting and accessories, like chairs and table ornaments (candle holders, vases, etc.). A chandelier is the right choice if the ceiling is high enough. The lighting can then be enhanced with sconces and wall spotlights. If you are going for a completely original look you can opt for one-of-a-kind chairs, even each one different from the other.

5. Kitchen

Equip the kitchen with ultra-modern technology while also paying close attention to the functional and designer details as well as to those that are purely decorative. Use high quality materials and durable cabinetry, combined with sophisticated accessories like designer vases and soap dishes, the whole thing garnished with technological and futuristic details and geometric chairs in plastic or leather. Add a touch of elegance by using chairs with upholstered seats and backrest or, depending on the style, made from wood.

6. Bedroom

The bed absolutely must have a headboard, which can be over-sized or the same width as the bed itself. If the ceiling is high one can risk a chandelier for lighting the room, but the bedside lamps must provide soft light. Choose unique and original lamps to add a personal touch. If one likes, a rug can also be added, positioning it ? under the bed and ? symmetrically out from under the bed. Add a shoji screen and a vanity to turn the room into a true gem.

7. Study

Choose a solid wood desk with a leather and wood chair. A wall bookcase, also in wood, a floor lamp, paired with the more direct lighting of a desk lamp; all these will make your study even more luxurious.

8. Outdoor space

The patio is an area outside of the home that can be located either near the entrance or in the back. If possible arrange several sofas and armchairs around a small table or even add a canopy for moments of relaxation. You can choose modern lamps with a metal stem as well for decoration.

The quality and craftsmanship of the furniture products remain a fundamental starting point for shopping and then the style according to individual tastes and expectations. Hence entrust your project to luxury interior design professionals – Coppice.