We have many times discussed bigger furniture items and certain accent furniture. But then accent furniture isn’t just limited to tables and chairs. There are many more varieties of accent furniture which can transform your home decor and leave your guests in AWE!

1. Multi-purpose movable shelf

A simple multi-utility moving shelf is an incredible organizer and space saver. Place them anywhere in the house; whether in the study, balcony, or partition between the living and dining room, and the versatile open shelf will fit perfectly.

2. Antiques

Borrow, buy or exchange, but make sure you keep at least one antique piece of furniture in your home. It could be from your Grandmother’s collection or purchased from an antique store. With each passing year, its importance will grow, and it will become a precious piece to decorate your home.

3. Console table

A humble console table kept in the hallway adds to the elegance of the entrance with its presence. Get it designed in a cabinet style with drawers and shelves, and it will become an indispensable piece of furniture for your home.

4. Accent chairs

A few extra chairs for extra guests are must-have furniture in the house. They could be accent chairs kept in a private corner of your home, or space-saving folding chairs stacked up in storage.

5. Pouf

Traditional, modern, or contemporary, the casual, soft, comfortable, and versatile pouffe can easily slip into becoming a part of the permanent arrangement. You can choose them in some bright colour or match them with the sofa’s colour; the pouffe can stand out or gel with the décor and can serve both as functional furniture or a decoration piece.

6. A table and chair for two

A personal table and chair for two could create a romantic getaway, a recharging spot, or a reclusive station for some alone time. Place it in the kitchen, or make it a dining table for two, convert it into a coffee table in the bedroom or balcony, or even a cute little study for the toddler, choose the role you would like the table with two chairs to play.

7. Stools

Carry and fit them anywhere; stools are a boon in any home. When its service is not required, place it near the entrance door, and it will serve as a seat when taking off or putting on the shoes.

8. Ottoman

From being a classy extension to the elegant sofa set in the living room, a relaxing spot in the bedroom, a footstool to put the feet up to extra seating partitioning the living room from the dining without a wall; unleash your imagination, and the Ottoman will fit there perfectly.

9. A box bed with nightstand

A high-quality, functional bed will serve you for years. So get a box bed with ample storage. Whether it is with pull-up storage or drawers can be based on your personal preference. A nightstand on the side of the bed enhances the bedroom’s décor and is a practical piece of furniture where you can keep a phone, water, books, lamp, etc. for convenience.

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