Comfort is Key: How to design a cozy home

Jan 1, 2024
A cozy home is one that feels welcoming, comfortable, and warm. You can achieve a cozy aesthetic, no matter your personal design style or taste.
Some of the elements that can create a cozy home are texture, natural elements, layering, personalization, lighting, and fragrance.
Texture can be added by using pillows, throws, window treatments, rugs, and woven baskets. Natural elements can include wood, florals, plants, stone, and marble. Layering can involve stacking books, placing trays, or adding decorative objects. Personalization can be achieved by displaying your favorite photos and other meaningful decor pieces. Lighting can set the mood by using lamps, candles, or a fireplace. Fragrance can make your home smell delightful by using candles, essential oils, or potpourri23.
You can also make your home more cozy by eliminating cold air drafts, increasing insulation and airflow, embracing your home’s natural light, using cozy, warm LED lights in your light fixtures, and adding fabric curtains.
Another way to make your home cozy is to use macramé decor, woven planters, sheepskin, overstuffed ottomans and poufs, and a self-care corner.